McAllen residents concerned about 'Satanic' worship on vacant lot

Residents of a McAllen neighborhood turned to Action 4 News after discovering an occult worship site on a vacant lot.

The site is located off 5 Mile Line and Bensten Palm Drive between a pile of brush and a deep hole.

Action 4 News went to the site and found two circles with evidence of very recent use by practitioners of an unknown religion.

Inside one of the circles is something that resembles a pentagram but it looks like it's been broken.

On the edges of the circle, Action 4 News found pamphlets written in Spanish for prayers requesting to keep evil away.

Glass cups, crystals, melted candles and an empty bag of charcoal were all found at the scene.

Passersby say they're concerned that with all of the border violence and drug trafficking.

They TMre worried it could be a drug traffickers using witchcraft or other supernatural means to keep their loads safe.

One neighbor who only wanted to be identified as Maria spoke to Action 4 News about the site.

"I'm concerned about it because I don't know what they're so called rituals would involve, Maria said.

There were no Santa Muerte statues or other occult items at the site but all items found were supposed to provide safety from evil.

Nonetheless, passersby told Action 4 News that since they don't understand this site, it scares them and they want something done.

It TMs not clear if the people performing ritual are trespassing on the property or have the owner TMs permission.

Law enforcement officials said that they can't meddle with freedom of religion because it TMs part of the first amendment.

Authorities said since concerned neighbors do not have any proof of criminal activity connected to this site, there's nothing that can be done.