McAllen residents continue cleanup process

Shards of glass still litter Brandon Wallace TMs home.

He was on an overnight trip with his wife last Thursday when he said his home was flooded.

"All of my wife's grandmother TMs furniture is totally ruined"along with the floors and the shudders," Wallace explained.

Ruined floors and furniture is not the only thing Wallace and his wife had to contend with"hail had gathered in their attic and by Sunday started to melt.

"We noticed on Sunday that our ceilings are leaking. We weren't here to stop it."

Despite the damage to his home, Brando got to work.

He rented a dehumidifier to help dry the floors, cleaned up his yard, and put in temporary windows to protect his home from further damage.

"We're just trying to do as much as we can," Wallace said.

State Farm Claim Representative, Daniel Longoria told Action 4 News that Wallace is on the right track.

"Protect any windows that have been broken. If shingles or part of the roof has been blown off make sure to cover that opening to prevent further damage to the home."

As for those temporary fixes"Longoria said people need to save all of their receipts.

Most of the items purchased can be reimbursed.