McAllen residents continue repairs one month after hail storm

Many McAllen residents are still struggling to repair their homes more than a month after a massive hail storm caused millions of dollars in damage.

Mary Diaz does not have insurance and is left to pay for all repairs out of pocket.

"I live paycheck to paycheck and it's just for the bills, Diaz explained. There is no money for anything else.

The money Diaz did have save went to fixing all of the windows that were busted out by hail back on March 29th.

"That's where I spent the little money that I had left. I had someone install them and now when it rains I'm scared it'll happened again. I already have the boards ready so I don't have to go through that again."

While the boards might protect her newly installed widows from breaking, it will not keep the rain out. The storm damaged Diaz roof and the only fix she was able to afford is a blue tarp.

"I got on top of the roof because the tarp keeps flying off because of the wind, Diaz said. It's done it two or three times already. We've put bricks and boards and stuff and it just doesn't stay."

Diaz said she does not know what her next move will be, she is just hoping she can figure it out before another storm blows this way.