McAllen residents prepare for disaster

While Tuesday night TMs storm was not quite as severe as first anticipated, folks in McAllen were on edge.

It was just last spring when McAllen was hit with a hail storm that caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

"If something happens to our van how are we going to move around? McAllen resident Sofia Padilla said.

McAllen residents know what it TMs like to have their cars hail damages and their homes flooded, so when the weather forecast looks ugly, it puts many on edge.

"We had hail damage, it damaged all our skylights and windows and broke everything, Tessa Salinas said. We had to get a new roof so our family is kind of worried about it happening this year so hopefully it doesn't get as bad."

For those who don TMt have money to spare, the thought of mother nature causing havoc can be daunting.

I have insurance but like most people in the valley I don TMt have full coverage, especially on a late model car so that worries me most. If my car can TMt be salvaged how will I get to work every day?" McAllen resident Jason Torres said.

"If something happens where are we going to go? Do we have money to rent a hotel? Just finances." Padilla said.

Last year TMs storm was an anomaly but Hidalgo County Emergency Management Coordinator Oscar Montoya says everyone should be prepared for another disaster to strike.

Our goal is for people to have plans and not to panic, Montoya said If we can accomplish people having plans and not panicking in our region that would go a long way.Fortunately some are already taking his advice."Always be prepared, make sure you have all your important documents in bags, and make sure you have batteries and candles and stuff, McAllen resident Lorenzo Aleman said.