McAllen runner attacked on 2nd St Trail told You're going to die

Lisa is a McAllen mother of two who only wants to be identified by her first name for fear of retaliation.

She TMs an avid runner who often trains on McAllen's 2nd Street Trail.

Lisa thought a can of mace and a LED light would keep her safe when exercising alone.

She was wrong.

"Obviously when I was down on the ground and being hit in the face, I think that also made it even more scary," she said in a phone interview with Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf.

Photos shows scratches on her back.

They are just some of the injuries from the reported attack on Saturday morning around 6:20.

Lisa says it happened just north of Martin Avenue.

She describes the suspect as a man in his late teens, early 20's, dressed in a black hoodie and ski mask.

He allegedly grabbed her from behind.

"He's about 5'8", she said. He TMs a male, Hispanic| he's definitely not skinny but he's kind of built."

Lisa says she kicked and screamed.

Her mace and light are knocked away from her.

It's not until she tells the perpetrator someone is coming that he lets her go, takes her stuff and flees on a BMX bicycle.

Lisa helped lock up a separate attacker 4 and a half years ago.

She was wrestled to the ground at Bill Shupp Park.

The suspect was caught two years later after police say he attacked several more women in the area.

Lisa was running with her son at the time but they had separated towards the end of the training.

She still remembers the words from her attacker in this most recent case when he said ~you're going to die,'" according to Lisa.

"When he told that, did you believe him? Ryan asked.

I couldn't believe him because I knew that I needed to live," she responded.

The McAllen mother of two got help from a good Samaritan across the street from the incident.

She used the person TMs cell phone to call 9-1-1.

Police took her statement and combed the area for the suspect, according to Lisa.

No suspect was found.

Back in December 2012, Betty Rodriguez said she was attacked in a similar manner.

The suspect allegedly stole her cell phone and left her with cuts and bruises.

Lisa posted about her frightening experience online.

The Facebook group RGV Running put out a safety alert to its members after seeing it online.

The post has been shared more than 150 times since Saturday.

Jose Esqueda is the group's administrator.

"I did it just to let them know to be careful, he explained. This can happen anytime. You never know."

He sees people who exercise outdoors alone in the morning and at night as easy targets.

"I guess the best thing to do is to always run with somebody," he said.

Lisa agrees there's safety in numbers.

She doesn't want anyone else attacked.

A spokesperson for the McAllen Police Department did not immediately return calls from Action 4 News about Lisa TMs case.

In past cases of alleged attacks reported by Action 4 News, the police department said officers randomly patrol the area in vehicles and on bicycles.

Sally Gavlik, the director for McAllen TMs Parks and Recreation Department, says the city is looking into ways to better safeguard the hike and bike trail.

She says they are in talks with larger cities who use them to see what measures are in place like cameras or emergency call boxes.

Research isn TMt likely to be completed for a few more months before a decision is made by McAllen city leaders.

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