McAllen school district keeping physical education alive

While many schools across the country are doing away with physical education, the McAllen School District is putting a bigger emphasis on this subject.

This renewed emphasis on health and physical activity is made possible thanks to a $2 million grant that will stretch over three years.

The U.S. Department of Education awarded the money to the district just a few weeks ago.

It TMs one of just 56 grants across the country, and one of three in the state.

The money will help provide at least 60 minutes of physical activity for kids during the school day and professional development for PE teachers.

It'll also help create an obesity prevention program from K thru 12th grade.

Mcallen ISD will be bringing in specialists to educate the students about developing healthier habits, but another important part of the program will be reaching out to the parents.

The grant will also allow McAllen to put a stronger emphasis on nutrition.

Recently, the McAllen metro area was named the fattest in the country.

A study from last year said only one in five students in the district spends more than 60 minutes doing some sort of physical activity, while two-thirds of them watch more than two hours of television each day.

The district will have to monitor the process of students, and have them meet standards on health set by the state.