McAllen seafood restaurant catches heat for closure due to unsanitary conditions


El Huachinango on 2200 Trenton Road in McAllen was shut down for unsanitary conditions. The restaurant scored 29 demerits during a health inspection and is a low performer on Food 4 Thought. A kitchen cop found a cross-contaminated raw shrimp and fish thawing in the same tray. The walk-in cooler was nearly 20 degrees off the required mark. The report also indicated that there were dirty floors, walls and prep tables. The restaurant was issued citations and ordered closed for one day until a re-inspection. Management was not around for comment about the dirty dining on Wednesday afternoon. The Food Patrol shared the low performer results with a father-son duo that had previously eaten at the seafood restaurant. "Closed due to unsanitary conditions and no hot water," Jesse Santos said while reading off the health report. "That's bad... Now that's bad right there." The inspector also found a fly in the water where fish was thawing. The product was ordered to be thrown away. Several photos were taken by the McAllen Health Department to document the filthy conditions. They are images Santos said he will not forget anytime soon. "You guys find out things that we don't know about," he told Action 4's Ryan Wolf. "Things that are hidden that they hide from the customers... you guys find out for us. So that's good." Click on the video link to see what else is not on the menu in this week's Food 4 Thought!

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