McAllen seeing increase in foreclosures

Jane never thought she would face foreclosure.

I didn TMt think it would happen to me, the McAllen woman said.

But like so many others, unforeseen circumstances made paying for her home difficult.

Eight months ago my husband had a car accident and was injured so he was just receiving workman TMs comp, Jane told Action 4 News.

On Monday, she found herself trying to save the home she never though she would lose.

I felt real awful to see how they were going to take away my lot|my two kids where were they going to end up, she said.

Jane is not alone.

Marla Lutz with the Consumer Credit Counseling Services in McAllen said she has seen a huge increase in the number of people who come in facing foreclosure.

The housing counseling a few years ago|I would only see one or two people a week, said Lutz. Now I TMd say 80 to 90 percent of my appointments are housing counseling.

Lutz said while never expected foreclosures to become an issue in Hidalgo County there are programs available to help.

Here in Hidalgo County there is a closure prevention grants that can help families with up to 1600 dollars, Lutz said.

But that TMs not all.

There are ways to lower your monthly payment and even ask for a special forbarence where you can miss payments for awhile.

Anyone wanting more information about how to save their home is asked to go to theConsumer Credit Counseling Services website or call (361) 854-4357.

While Jane is out of the woods for now, she said the memories of what could have happened will always haunt her.