McAllen shop searching for shoplifting trio

It was not the type of discount employees at the Our Secret Consignment Shop imagined a group of three women would walk away with.

"This is a crime, it's not right," Marketing Director Ana Hernandez said. "It was about 10 items."

After scouting several items, and looking over their shoulders, the trio applied a five finger discount.

The store TMs surveillance video caught the women, along with their children, on Friday afternoon.

"We are afraid it's going to happen at other businesses," Hernandez said. "If it's happening to us, it TMs obvious they're going to go somewhere else.

Hopefully someone can recognize them and deter them from doing that to their business," she added.

Hernandez said as a consignment shop, they have to ensure they do all they can to stop shoplifting.

"These are not our items, she explained. This is a community that comes in and brings items for us to sell for them."

They plan to prosecute these women, but first they need to find them.

The shop owner filed a report with McAllen Police, and they hope surveillance video will help.

Anyone with information on the women can call the Crime Stoppers line at (956) 687-8477.