McAllen streets set to expand but elimintate bike lanes

Just beyond the confines of a solid white line lies a mass of fast moving vehicles.Cars have air bags and crash test...there are no crash test---we just have these, Cyclist Jeremy Valladares said. We have our signals but that is it. There is no protection.Still, he and his band of cyclist suit up nearly every day and brave the city streets of McAllen.

Sometimes they ride in bike lanes but other times they take their chances with the vehicles.We're going up against a 5--10 thousand pound machine---it TMs our life, he said.Now McAllen city officials are talking about expanding Ware road north of 3-mile line.

Cyclist are concerned that expansion will eliminate part of the bike land they depend on to stay safe. You don't want to get on the road....this is the only safe way for you to transport yourself is by the bike lane, Ruben Pena said. McAllen City Commissioner Marcus Barrera told Action 4 News if the city could add more bike lanes they would.

He said the funding just isn TMt there and they have to go with what is in the best interest of the residents of McAllen.We try and do the best with what we have, Barrera started.

The best is two lanes going north and two lanes going south with no bike lanes at this time.He added, if more funding becomes available later on---they will consider adding bike lanes.