McAllen woman alleges discrimination kept her out of nightclub

Some girls like heels and others don't.Rosa Cantu would fall into the 'don't' category.Cantu said she bought special clothes to celebrate her brother's birthday at Club Fuego in McAllen.She claims she was dressed to impress."I was like, I TMm a lesbian, I mean I dress like this| I dress like a guy, I don TMt have girlie clothes," Cantu said.But it didn TMt impress the two guys at the front door at Club Fuego.Cantu said they told her she couldn't go in because of the way she was dressed. "Because of the way you look you have to look like this and he pointed at my sister in law; she has long hair, beautiful, and I was like I TMm a lesbian. I felt so ugly," Cantu said.Inside Cantu had reserved tables for the birthday bash.One she wasn't allowed to attend.This is the first time in 12 years---Cantu says she's felt discriminated against."I went to my friend TMs apartment and I cried. I can TMt believe this day in age we have this type of discrimination or segregation, you know; where gay people can TMt go to straight clubs or we can TMt do anything we can TMt be the way we are," she said.Action 4 News took Cantu TMs claims to Club Fuego, they refused to comment about the incident.Click here to follow Veronica on FacebookClick here to follow Veronica on Twitter

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