MDA donations send kids to camp

Every summer the Muscular Dystrophy Association takes a group of "Jerry's Kids to camp".

This is all made possible through generous donations from people here in the Valley and those who give every year during the MDA.

Action 4 News took a closer look at how the generous donations are putting smiles are children's faces.

It was music to the children's ears, from drums to dancing, shooting hoops even face painting camp is an exciting time.

Camper Zarek Elizondo tells Action 4 News, "My favorite part about camp is swimming it give me more movement."

Camper Elizabeth Garza says, "Going swimming and going fishing and doing a lot of kinds of stuff."

Children from the Valley, Corpus Christi and surrounding areas spent the week in Rockport.

The camp ground- over 60 acres of land to roam.

For camp volunteer's it's a humbling experience.

Volunteer Archer Avendano tells Action 4 News, "Not only have I learned to appreciate what I have but this has made me see there's nothing that stops them from doing what they're doing.

For volunteer Cori Mares of Harlingen she says, "Just seeing them happy makes me happy as well."

Children were happy, entertained with arts and crafts, even a campfire.

At the end of the day it's about making memories that last a lifetime.