Medical records to go electronic

Many dread the long wait at the doctor's office but that problem won't be for long.

Every time we go we have to fill out a long form in the waiting area reception area I don TMt like it, nobody does, said Dr. Joseph McCormick UT Health Science Center at Houston Regional Director. This should eliminate most of that.

McCormick is referring to President Barack Obama TMs push to make electronic health records available to all Americans by 2014.

McCormick TMs office received 2 of $15 million stimulus grants to help healthcare providers implement this new program in the valley.

The physician can enter, sit down in a computer, enter your name and come up with your medical records... in matter of seconds," said McCormick.

He told Action 4, seconds are crucial when dealing with an emergency but the benefits don TMt end there.

To help improve treatment, to help improve medical care, all sorts of things, good things that would come out of this type of system," he added.

McCormick explained, aside from saving time and money it could also help research by saving lives.

Although for McCormick this new system seems like a no brainer, for others in the health profession it doesn TMt.

McCormick says the biggest fear is hacking into the system, something he called unlikely.