Meeting postponed on fate of Mission cop accused of beating wife

Judgment day for a Mission police officer accused of beating up his wife has been pushed back.

Officer Oscar Cardenas is on paid suspension.

Earlier this month his wife accused him of punching her in the face about a dozen times while she drove them home from a club.

She TMs since dropped the charges against him.

Chief Robert Dominguez says an internal review continues.

The officer faces possible termination but no criminal charges.

That TMs because the police chief won TMt turn over the case to the district attorney TMs office without the victim TMs testimony.

Chief Dominguez claimed that TMs his department TMs policy.

I did what I needed to do, he said. Again, we have our protocol as far as what we do in every individual case and I TMm not going to make an exception in this case because it happens to be one of our own.

The State is able to file charges on behalf of the victim in many circumstances.

District Attorney Rene Guerra says he hasn TMt received the case for review but thinks it should be turned over.

Police evidence includes dozens of photographs showing the victim TMs injuries.

Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf exclusively obtained the internal documents in the case from anonymous source.

The photos showed the victim had a busted lip, black and blue marks all over her body and what appeared to be choke marks around her neck.

A police report stated he threatened to kill his wife.

Several police officers who spoke to Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf under the condition of anonymity say they do not want Officer Cardenas back on the force.

They also want to see him charged in the case.

An attorney for Cardenas has ignored several attempts by Action 4 News for a comment.

A new date for the city to decide the officer TMs fate has not been released.

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