Mel Gibson film could mean big bucks for Brownsville

Action 4 News was first on scene at the filming location of Mel Gibson TMs new movie in Brownsville.

City Officials said it could bring as much as $200,000 to the city TMs economy.

"It TMs a great thing for the community and I think it should make us all proud," Peter Goodman, the Brownsville Film Commissioner, said.

He told Action 4 News it was not an easy decision, but the production company chose Brownsville over many other sites along the Mexican border.

"The place they're shooting now, they examined similar places, he said, Every one of them from Corpus to Brownsville."

Altogether, Goodman said he expects the film to bring in almost $100,000 per day during the two-day shoot and that does not include pre-production members which arrived four days ago.

More than 80 crew members were brought to the Valley for the filming, Goodman added. "Obviously that's a lot of food for 80 people for a week, a lot of gasoline, a lot of money they spend when they go out in the evenings."

But for him the name recognition the film is expected to bring in the future is more important than the economic impact.

"What we need them to remember is how much help they got in Brownsville, how much cooperation they got in Brownsville, he said. The good prices, the good hotels and the great reception they got here."

Meanwhile, as day one of the shoot wraps up, many fans like Tanya Soza waited for a peak of Gibson.

"About an hour, an hour and a half waiting to see of we can get close to him to get an autograph or just a quick picture or something," she said.

But given the time constraints and the tight security outside the gas station where the filming takes place, it is unlikely they will have that chance, at least on the set of the movie.

On Wednesday, all filming will take place in downtown Brownsville.