Memorable quotes & moments from the Marc Rosenthal sentencing

Marc Rosenthal // File Photo

The sentencing for attorney Marc Rosenthal spanned about 16 hours over two days time but the most memorable moments happened during the last two hours.

Convicted for being one of the ringleaders of the Cameron County "cash for court favors" scandal, a federal judge sentenced Rosenthal to 20 years in prison.

The judge also ordered Rosenthal to pay up and divide more than $12 million dollars in restitution to different companies and people.

Action 4 News has compiled a listing of memorable moments and quotes from the #RosenthalTrial hashtag on Twitter from the twitterfeed of @SergioChapa.

Federal Prosecutor Oscar Ponce

Prosecutor Ponce said attorney Marc Rosenthal engaged in a "clear pattern" of corruption and wrongdoing.

Prosecutor Ponce said Marc Rosenthal was already engaged in judicial bribery BEFORE Abel Limas.

Ponce about Rosenthal's claims he help the "underdog" and the "little guy": "It's not about leveling the playing field."

Ponce: "You don't do the things Mr. Rosenthal did to level the playing field."

Ponce said one witness testified he was called "bitch boy" by Marc Rosenthal.

Ponce says other attorneys testified Rosenthal bossed everyone around and bragged, "I own that judge."

Ponce said one witness described Rosenthal as a bully.

Prosecutor Oscar Ponce asked Judge Hanen for the maximum sentence: 405 months in prison. That's 33 years and 9 months.

Defense Attorney Paul Kratzig

Defense attorney Paul Kratzig is making is closing arguments at sentencing.

Defense attorney Kratzig is asking for a lower sentence.

Defense attorney Kratzig said the sentencing "does not include the totality of his legal career."

Kratzig asks Judge Hanen to consider Rosenthal's age of 51 and possible 27-year sentece. "In some circles, it could be considered a death sentence."

Kratzig said Rosenthal won't be able to practice law once he's released from prison.

Kratzig: "What is sufficient but not greater than necessary?"

Kratzig says former state rep Jim Solis who was a partner and benefited from the scheme.

Kratzig: Rosenthal will never be able to commit the crime again due to age & inability to practice law. He was disbarred.

Kratzig says Abel Limas was higher in responsibility but only got 72 months in federal prison.

Kratzig: "He's been stripped of virtually everything. His property. His freedom. His future."

Kratzig: "Mr. Rosenthal has paid a terrible price for this and he'll continue to pay and pay and pay."

Defense attorney Paul Kratzig asked Judge Hanen for imprisonment at the federal prison in Bastrop or near his family.

Marc Rosenthal

Marc Rosenthal thanked Judge Hanen and his staff for their attention and dedication to the case.

Marc Rosenthal's mother is sobbing in court. She is being held by Rosenthal's brother.

Marc Rosenthal: "I didn't prepare a speech because I wanted to speak from the heart."

Rosenthal says he got beat up by a "career criminal" in jail a few days ago. "It's my first fight since college."

Rosenthal denies being a bully. "I'm not a bully. I'm a defender of the little guy, the underdog."

Rosenthal said he had drinking problem leading to marital problems. His 1st wife killed herself. "I believe it was my fault"

Marc Rosenthal started out as a corporate lawyer but said he enjoyed helping people in lawsuits but the train went off the tracks in 2007.

Rosenthal said he wants former Cameron County DA Yolanda De Leon to know that has learned a lot over the past 9 months in jail.

Marc Rosenthal said he's learned about humility, love, respect, God, family, friends & honesty.

Rosenthal said he'd be happy to give Yolanda De Leon the money "If it would make her a happy person."

Rosenthal said he enjoys charity work and used to go to a children's hospital in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

Rosenthal said he used to bring gifts & dress up as a masked wrestler to bring joy to sick children in Ciudad Victoria.

The Rosenthal family was all huddled together on a bench for courtroom spectators. All of them with red eyes from tears.

Marc Rosenthal says once released, he wants to honor his wife's wishes to open a clinic for abused animals.

Rosenthal says once released, he also wants to become an advocate to help veterans claim their benefits.

Rosenthal says he's on the verge of his second divorce. "It's all my fault, I know."

Rosenthal spoke about the suicide of attorney Ray Marchan. "I understand because I've been there."

Rosenthal on Ray Marchan's suicide: "I couldn't do what Ray did because of my family."

Rosenthal: "I spent most of my money on charity events."

Rosenthal to Judge Hanen: "You gotta think I'm a creep but I'm not."

Rosenthal to Judge Hanen: "Once I'm released from prison, I'll make you proud. It may not be as an attorney but with charity work."

Rosenthal: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the problem I've caused...those I've hurt. I will make for it. I will."

The Rosenthal family has moved in tight with other bracing themselves for the sentencing.

Defense Attorney Ernesto Gamez

Defense attorney Ernesto Gamez is speaking. Everyone is using the time to recover from Marc Rosenthal's emotional speech.

Gamez tells Judge Hanen that Rosenthal is a former Mr. Texas weightlifting champ who held charity wrestling events for kids

Ernesto Gamez says Rosenthal went too far in his zeal to help the underdog.

Defense attorney Gamez says Rosenthal represented underdogs and won money from big multi-national corporations.

Ernesto Gamez on Rosenthal: "Everything he said was from the heart. He deserves downward departure."

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen

Judge Hanen said he will mention a couple of things before sentencing.

Judge Hanen on the Marc Rosenthal's February trial: "We heard a sad & troublesome tale of bribery & judicial misconduct."

Judge Hanen says there was "one constant" in all these "tales of woe" -- they call emanated from or came from Marc Rosenthal

Judge Hanen acknowledges the "sentencing disparity" between Abel Limas and Marc Rosenthal.

Judge Hanen: The difference between Marc Rosenthal, Abel Limas & Jim Solis is that Limas & Solis pleaded guilty and helped

Judge Hanen sentences Rosenthal to 240 months in federal prison

Judge Hanen is also ordering substance abuse counseling for Marc Rosenthal while in federal prison.

Judge Hanen ordered Rosenthal to pay Metro Aviation $6.4 million in restitution.

Judge Hanen orders Rosenthal to pay Peter Zavaletta $38,900 in restitution

Judge Hanen orders Rosenthal to pay Yolanda De Leon $39,207.50 in restitution.

Judge Hanen orders Rosenthal to pay $40,000 to former Browsville Herald owners Freedom Communications as restitution.

Judge Hanen ordered Rosenthal to pay Union-Pacific Railroad $1,325,000 in restitution.

Judge Hanen ordered Rosenthal to pay more than $5 million dollars to Quick Carriers, Inc. as restitution.

Judge Hanen has left the courtroom giving Rosenthal's family a moment to be with him.