Memorable quotes from the Pat Medina sentencing

Joe Padilla flanked by his attorneys Dennis Ramirez and Javier Peña

A federal judge sentenced former Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office Chief of Staff Pat Medina to 11 months in federal prison.

Medina appeared for the second day of her sentencing before U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo Hinojosa in McAllen on Thursday afternoon.

The former chief of staff resigned from her post back in March.

Just a few weeks later, she pleaded guilty to knowing about ex-Sheriff Lupe Trevio laundering money and failed to report it.

Judge Hinojosa sentenced Pat Medina to 11 months in federal prison, one year probation and ordered her to pay a $2,000 fine.

The judge is allowing her to remain free on bond until September 23rd when her prison assignment will be ready.

Action 4 News has compiled a list of memorable quotes from her sentencing.

Judge Hinojosa: "We should not let the actions of a few besmirch those of the rest."

Judge Hinojosa on sentence: "Some people might think it's too short. Some people might think it's too long. This is the appropriate sentenced based on the sentence he (Lupe Trevio) received."

Judge Hinojosa to Prosecutor Sturgis: "You will admit that out of all those involved, she was the lowest of the whole."

Defense Attorney Ric Salinas: "If it's a prison sentence, less than one year."

Prosecutor Sturgis: "The government feels that a prison sentence is warranted."

Judge Hinojosa: "The way that office was being run is that it was more takers than providers of safety."

Judge Hinojosa on fundraising: "I believe a lot of this was done during office office hours w/the implication you can reach us after hours..

Judge Hinojosa: "It's more than that. It's also public trust."

Prosecutor Sturgis told Judge Hinojosa that the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office was investigating the murder of witness.

Judge HInojosa: "The only person who witnessed the sheriff meeting Tomas Gonzalez was murdered. Who's looking into that?"

Ric Salinas told Judge Hinojosa that Pat Medina has been working in Salinas' office and asked she receive probation.

Judge Hinojosa on campaign sign disclaimers: "It's sad when that becomes the biggest thing the sheriff's department is worried about."

Defense attorney Ric Salinas: "The campaign finance reports were prepared by Pat, signed by Lupe and notarized by Pat."

Judge Hinojosa: "I do think she knew about the signs, which are $40,000. I think she knew about the $20,000. $60,000 total."

Judge Hinojosa on Pat Medina money laundering amount: "It would be totally unfair to hold her to a higher amount."

Ric Salinas on Joe Padilla: "I don't have anything against him but I do have trouble with his reliability."

Judge Hinojosa about misprison of a felony charges: "The lowest case you can use."

Judge Hinojosa on corruption: "Is this the way the sheriff's office was being run for all these years here."

Judge Hinojoa on El Gallo: "Apparently, a lot of people were working for these folks."

Judge Hinojosa on Joe Padilla: "He admitted to keeping $90 to $100 thousand for dollars."

Ric Salinas: "With all due respect to Mr. Padilla..." Judge Hinojosa: "You're actually saying with all due respect to Mr. Padilla?"

Judge Hinojosa: "I don't know if there was much clarification made by testimony as to the amount or if it was credible."

Judge Hinojosa on Pat Medina: "She actually did something to make sure it wasn't discovered."

Judge Hinojosa: "This money was being whitewashed in the campaign finance report."

Judge Hinojosa on money laundering: "Normally, they're laundering money to conduct more drug trafficking."

Judge Hinojosa: "This is a very different money laundering case than the ones we normally have here."

Judge Hinojosa: "Did you discuss the campaign signs?" Joe Padilla: "We discussed the signs but not the amount."

Joe Padilla on El Gallo: "I never saw the drugs, I never saw anything."

Prosecutor Sturgis on drug cash: "You wanted it continue just as the sheriff did." Joe Padilla: "Correct."

Prosecutor Sturgis: "There's no doubt that you violated the law, correct?" Joe Padilla: "Correct."

Joe Padilla said he once drove El Gallo's girlfriend to the courthouse so she could drop domestic violence charges against El Gallo.

Joe Padilla: "At first the sheriff would call, but later I had Orlando Cantu do it."

Joe Padilla on El Gallo and his father calling: "They just wanted to talk to the sheriff just to say hi."

Joe Padilla: "I would call Orlando Cantu and tell him to pretend to the sheriff and he would do it."

Ric Salinas: "Did you go to Tomas Gonzalez to say you needed money for the defense of Jonathan Trevio?" Joe Padilla: "No."

Defense Attorney Ric Salinas: "In order to help conceal that, did you get paid for that?" Joe Padilla: "No sir."

Joe Padilla said El Gallo told him about the employee getting shot: "They tole me that they take care of their own."

Defense attorney Ric Salinas: "Did you tell Lupe Trevino during a debrief that Tomas Gonzalez owned T&F Produce?" Joe Padilla: "Yes."

Joe Padilla on re-election fundraising: "Every commander had volunteers."

Joe Padilla on El Gallo and his father: "They called often and they wanted a lot of favors."

Joe Padilla on Lupe Trevino about El Gallo: "He told me to keep going there and to be careful and to say they were my informants."

Prosecutor: "Did Ms. Medina know (about Tomas Gonzalez)?" Padilla: "Yes. It all started w/the signs. We discussed it in the sheriff's office

Prosecutor Sturgis: "The other money, what was it going for?" Joe Padilla: "The sheriff's personal use."

Joe Padilla on El Gallo: "The truth is that he helped out with six fundraisers and he always gave cash."

Proseuctor Sturgis: "How much would you say you gave directly to Ms. Medina?" Joe Padilla: "Out of the $140,000... $40,000."

Joe Padilla on Pat Medina: "She oversaw all the fundraiser events."

Prosecutor Sturgis: "Were you concerned about campaign finance laws?" Joe Padilla: "No."

Joe Padilla on campaign cash: "It only went to two persons: Lupe Trevino and Pat Medina."

Prosecutor Sturgis: "You would decide what to keep and what to give to the sheriff?" Joe Padilla: "Yes."

Prosecutor Sturgis: "Did Lupe Trevio know the exact amount Tomas Gonzalez gave you to give to him?" Joe Padilla: "No."

Joe Padilla: "Everything was for the sheriff or the campaign."

Joe Padilla about the reserve cash: "The sheriff would ask for money and I would give it to him."

Joe Padilla: "Out of the $250 to $260 thousand, I kept $90 thousand for myself. I kept it as a reserve."

Joe Padilla on Pat Medina: "I don't recall her title but It went up a notch and her salary."

Joe Padilla on Lupe Trevino: "I learned not to question him."

Joe Padilla on Sheriff Trevino: "I questioned him once and he didn't like it. I never did it again."

Joe Padilla on Julio Davila: "He'd always ask for favors. That's how it all started."

Joe Padilla on El Gallo: "Mr. Davila said he had a very good contact but I never met the person." (until later)

Joe Padilla about Sheriff Trevino: "He created a third commander's position for me in 2006."