Memorial service held for woman killed during Brownsville Air Fiesta

As planes flew over Fayetteville today, the memory of 25-year-old Amanda Franklin flew with them.

Hundreds gathered today to say goodbye to the Springdale native, a renowned pilot and wingwalker.

She traveled the country doing airshows with her husband Kyle.

The two worked as a team.

Kyle flew the plane, while Amanda walked the wing.

But everything changed during the Air Fiesta in Brownsville.

I came out of one maneuver and started to pull into another and the engine quit, Kyle Franklin recalled.

Kyle said he signaled to amanda and she was able to get inside.

They were forced to crash land.

The plane caught on fire, burning 70 percent of Amanda's body.

I don TMt necessarily blame myself for this because she and I both know the risks involved in this business and we both know stuff happens and that's kind of what happened that day and it TMs kind of a bad thing a bad day all around, Kyle Franklin said.

Amanda spent the next 10 weeks in the hospital and died on May 27th.

I do have my regrets on things and I do will always wonder had I done this different or that you know that kind of stuff can really consume you if you TMre not careful, Kyle Franklin said.

Instead, Kyle says he thinks of Amanda, her bright smile, her blue eyes, and warm personality.

She will be forever remembered by more than just the aviation community so many lives that she touched in her years of being around airshows and people I mean it TMs just phenomenal, he said.