Men arrested for ambulance chasing after accident

James Ray Edwards // Brownsville PD

Editor's Note: A judge dismissed the barratry charge against James Ray Edwards on April 9, 2015. A judge dismissed the barratry charge against Juan Felipe Dives on Aug. 15, 2014.

Two men are behind bars after soliciting employment at a scene of a crash.

Brownsville police arrested James Ray Edwards and Juan Felipe Divas after a victim from the accident said 20-year-old Divas passed out chiropractor business cards while officers were investigating the minor accident.

The incident happened on the 900 block of Media Luna right after the accident, Saturday.

According to police, Divas said 42-year-old Edwards told him to pass the chiropractor cards.

Brownsville police arrested both men for barratry at the scene without incident.

A bond was set at $3,000 each for Divas and Edwards.