Mentally ill man shot by Willacy Co. Deputy

The Willacy County Sheriff TMs Office is investigating the death of a mentally ill man by the hands of one of its deputies on Saturday afternoon.

It all began when two officers responded to several 911 calls to a house on the 1500 block of Monterrey Street in Raymondville.

"A gentleman with a baseball bat was smashing things and swinging at people and everything," Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence said. "He also had a gun in his waistband, later he reached for that and pulled it out and that TMs when the officers shot him."

The aftermath left Roy Almanza dead, and his family asking for justice.

They claimed Alamanza, who they said was diagnosed with bipolarity, only had a bat on his possession and not a gun.

They feel the officers TM reaction was too harsh.

"The way they did it here, it TMs something that should've never happened," Raul told Action 4 News.

Raul, who refused to disclose his full name, was Almanza TMs brother in law and witnessed the event from across the street.

Raul said he heard and saw four gunshots impact Almanza in the chest, before collapsing to the ground.

Gunshots he felt were unnecessary.

"He was close enough, he could've got tased, or he could have shot him in one of his legs or something, but not to kill him," he said.

The family is now asking for justice and in the meantime, Sheriff Spence told Action 4 News he hopes to get to the bottom of this incident.

"Were talking to family members, were talking to witnesses and the officers have been placed on administrative leave for right now," Sheriff Spence said.

He also adds that the full investigation could take some two weeks to complete.