Mentally ill man vanishes after hospital treatment

Harlingen police are continuing their search for a man suffering from a mental illness.

42-year-old Ricardo Zamora was released Wednesday from Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville, but never made it home.Zamora was there receiving treatment for mental illness.

After 30 days he was released, placed in a taxi cab and sent home, but he never arrived.

"We found the taxi cab driver who dropped him off and he said he dropped him off at the intersection of Lincoln Road and Frontage Road at Mr. Zamora TMs request, Harlingen Police Sgt. Dave Osborne said.

That location is miles from his home.

Osborne said Zamora is classified as missing and due to his illness, he is in need of medical assistance.

"Our biggest concern is if he is okay because he does have a need for some medications, Osborne said.

With a number of mental disorders, why was Mr. Zamora sent home in a taxi cab?

Valley Baptist would not comment on this specific case, but released this statement.

"Providing high-quality care in a safe environment is our top priority at Valley Baptist Health System. Per our policy, when patients have completed their course of treatment and are ready to go home, we work with them to determine the appropriate discharge plan."

Despite the circumstance, Osborne said he's hopeful.

"Five days is a long time to not know where your relative is at but a lot of times the cases come out good, Osborne said.Osbourne said if your child goes missing, there is no amount of time you must wait to file a report.

Call police as soon as you feel too much time has passed.

If you have any idea where Zamora could be, contact Harlingen Police Department at (956)-425-TIPS.