Mercedes brothers shooting leads to robbery ring bust

It was a brutal attack all caught on tape.

"At that moment, in my mind I thought he's going to rape me, he was going to kill me," Ibidaisy explained in a tearful interview with Action 4 News back in July.

She was one of the woman assaulted by a group of men while she worked. Ibidaisy said she did what the men told her---afraid for her life.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said the group has been terrorizing businesses north of Weslaco and in La Feria for a month.

It was not until two of the suspects, Enrique Quintanilla and Jesus Rico (brothers) got into a fight that ended with Rico being shot---that investigators pieced the puzzle together.

"We went out to one crime scene and our persistence and investigation at that crime scene led to us busting the armed robbery ring."

Sheriff Trevio said the men could not keep their stories straight---all eventually admitted to the robberies north of Weslaco, in the City of Weslaco, and La Feria.

Four have since been arrested and investigators expect more arrest to be made.

Despite the appearance they acted as a group, Trevino said the robberies were not committed by all at the same time.

"Three would do one armed robbery and then four would do another and then they would mismatch their teams and commit other robberies. It wasn't a seven man team that went out on every robbery."

Trevino added, there was no ~defined TM leader in the group. They believed the men were trying to make some easy money---a move that landed them all behind bars.

Sheriff deputies seized numerous weapons from the suspects TM homes.

Ballistic analysis TM are being conducted to see if they weapons were used in other crimes.

There is no word on if any of them were stolen.