Mercedes family furious with 40 year sentence for loved one's murder

Time does not heal all pain.

Three years after her husband was brutally murdered, the pain and anger Delia Saldana feels still remains. "What was I supposed to do? It hurt everyone," Saldana told Action 4 News. "Not just me but several families...the lives that Vega messed up, she added.

Court date after court date, Saldana said she sat in the front row of that Cameron County courtroom and prayed for justice but said all they got was a slap in the face and no justice for her husband.

"If you want to commit a murder, do it in Cameron County," Saldana said. Obviously they don't care and you get away with it. You get the cheapest bargain there is, she said.

On July 31, 2010 Agustin and Edgar Villanueva were driving on West Harrison Avenue and 'B' Street in Harlingen when they were gunned down by Jose Luis Vega.

On Tuesday, a judge gave Vega 40 years for the crime.

Saldana said the sentence is nothing compared to the lifetime sentence she and her family was dealt.

"My kids don't have the love and affection of a father," Delia started. "The life that Vega took| now he's just sitting in the jail cell while us taxpayers are paying for him to sleep and eat at his convenience . It's just not fair, she said.

Action 4 News did contact the Cameron County District Attorney's office to get a comment on Vega's 40 year sentence.

As of news time they had not returned our calls.

As for Delia and the rest of her family, they will continue to take it a day at a time.