Mercedes family with 7 kids faced 'eviction' after mom dies of cancer

The bad news just doesn't seem to end.

"It's been a disaster," Veronica Garza said.

One week after burying a young mother, her 7 kids are now told to pack up and move out of the one home that's kept them together as a family for the last 4 years.

Veronica is the children's aunt.

"When I went to La Merced Homes, the guy told me that there was nothing that they could do about it," she explained. "They said that they would only give us to the 30th or the 31st of April to get out."

The section 8 property in question is on 524 South Washington Avenue in Mercedes.

It's listed under 31-year-old Joanna Garza's name who died this month from cancer.

With all of her children under age 18, and multiple estranged fathers, the family says they've been told they legally cannot stay.

Veronica doesn't want to break her dying sister's wish.

"Since I'm the little sister she promised me to keep them all together," she said.

It turns out La Merced housing is contracted by the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville.

Ultimately, the Diocese is the landlord which works in conjunction with government assisted housing program.

Roberto Medrano, who's the director of housing, tells Action 4's Ryan Wolf the family was never going to be evicted.

He says there has been some misinformation put out.

"We're willing to work with the family... so they can process the legal paperwork in order to have someone designated as a legal guardian," he explained.

In other words, the Diocese will allow the family to stay as long as a legal guardian who qualifies will live in the home.

Veronica says this is the first time she's heard of this.

"They gave us hope," she said.

Veronica says her mother already has guardianship of the kids and would be able to move in to keep the family together.

"To tend to their needs and wants and everything they need from her," she said.

Roberto says the Diocese will ensure every avenue is explored to meet the needs of the family still in the grieving process.

"We make every effort to help out the family not only providing shelter but providing the spiritual needs of the family and moral needs as well," he said.

It's a family still dealing with pain but one that vows to stay together.

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