Mercedes ISD working to put a brand new $20 million bond to good use

Superintendent Dr. Daniel Trevino

The approved bond will mean an estimated $34 a year tax increase for the average homeowner.

"These are taxpayer dollars that these taxpayers are entrusting us with," said Superintendent Dr. Daniel Trevino. Dr. Daniel Trevino said it TMs money well spent.

With growing student enrollment, aging school facilities need a facelift.

"The high school presently the classrooms - the design, we feel needed some improvement for us to deliver a 21st century education," said Trevino.

The campus was built in 1967, and not only are hallways overcrowded, but classrooms are also too small.

The older classes are only 550 square feet.

Trevino said the bond will allow the district to expand them to 850 square feet in order keep up with state requirements.

While a good chunk of the bond money will go towards school renovations, the majority, almost $11 million, will be used for extracurricular and athletic facilities.

"Over 60 percent of our student population participates in extracurricular activities including athletics," said Mercedes High School Athletics Director Michael Uribe.

He told Action 4 having another gym and football stadium on-site would be a big help. It would also cut down on transportation costs because the new stadium would be right next to school.

"If we can make sure our kids have the resources that everyone else has, we're extremely excited about that."

Dr. Trevino couldn TMt agree with more.

"These facilities will be somewhat state-of-the-art with technology assisting our classroom teachers in delivering the curriculum we need, and more importantly our students will be in a whole lot better environment than they are right now."

Dr. Trevino said the renovations will be done in phases to make sure instruction is not disturbed.

The district plans to start construction late next spring.

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