Mercedes man charged with sexual assault of a child

In a small room inside the Mercedes Police Department, a judge tells Valentin Orandy he'll be spending the night in jail until he can post 100 thousand dollars bond.

The 33 year old is charged with sexual assault of a child and police say he admitted to the crime.

"He admitted that he had sex with the minor," said Chief Olga Maldonado.

The 15 year old victim's family claims Orandy told them a series of lies including who he really is and passed himself off as a 20 year old.

That's apparently not all Orandy fabricated.

"He befriended the family with a story that he was ill."

Sick with cancer according to police who say Orandy even cut his own mouth to make himself appear to be coughing up blood.

The parents of the girl claim they didn't know his real identity until someone visiting their home recognized the man and blew his cover.

That's apparently when his relationship with the minor came to light and police were called.

Now if he posts bond he cannot get anywhere near the girl. "Every time we have a situation like that we try to file protective orders for the victims and that means not coming near their school, their home or wherever the child may be within 200 yards."

Orandy's family did not want to appear on camera but tell Action 4 News that the girl claimed she was 18 years old.