Mercedes man warns about mystery shopper scam

Fred Gonzalez has been down on his luck"trying to secure a job for months now.

He said when he got a letter in the mail that promised a fast and easy way to make money"he jumped at the chance.

"They make it sound so easy to do, Gonzalez said. You make a deposit and after you do that you get money out to send to an address they tell you. You do the same thing at another store and continue on like that They have you checking stores like a mystery shopper."

Fred said the letter stated that he just had to deposit a $2,000 check into his account, keep $200, and Western Union the rest to an address in New York.

"It was too good to be true I guess," Gonzalez said.

He said, at first, he had no reason to believe the letter was not real because it had a watermark for the Better Business Bureau.

"It grabs your eye---it's almost like the tried to sneak it in there," Gonzalez said.

Dolores Salinas is the president of the Better Business Bureau.

She Action 4 News companies often use the BBB logo to legitimize their business.

She said unfortunately that watermark gives people a sense of security and they end up falling prey to scams like this one.

"They want to believe that it TMs true because they might be in a desperate situation where they need a job or they need extra money, Salinas said. It TMs so much easier when you're vulnerable to fall prey to these things."

Salinas said the BBB did a little checking and found out that the company is not based in New York---but in Canada.

Luckily the BBB has jurisdiction in Canada and will be able to follow up with this Mystery Shopper scam.