Mercedes mom arrested amid child abuse investigation

Erika Yazmin Mendoza // Hidalgo County Jail

A mother is facing criminal charges amid a child abuse investigation where she allegedly asked her children not to say anything.

Mercedes police arrested Erika Yazmin Mendoza late last week.

The 28-year-old mother is charged with injury to a child and witness tampering.

Mercedes Police Chief Olga Maldonado told Action 4 News that Mendoza TMs ex-husband reported the crime back on October 19th.

The boy TMs father told police he noticed bruises on his five-year-old son TMs arm when he picked up for a custodial visit.

Investigators learned that Mendoza had assaulted the boy and asked the boy and his sister not to say anything.

Mendoza spoke to Action 4 News about her arrest saying the allegations were false.

She questioned the timing of the charges saying they were filed amid a child support dispute with her ex-husband Isabel Ernest Frausto, who Mendoza said is $7,000 dollars behind.

Mendoza said her son broke a window after jumping on the bed at their home on October 16th and that she spanked him for it.

The boy's father picked him up three days later and that's when the investigation started.

Mendoza said Child Protective Services investigated the matter and asked her to take parenting classes but did not remove the children from her home.

The Mercedes mother said she and her attorney Terry Palacios are considering filing a lawsuit against the Mercedes Police Department.