Mercedes neighborhood reacts to brothers shooting

Those who live in the Indian Hills East Subdivision just north of Mercedes are a little shaken up after a shooting in the middle of the street.It all happened Monday just before five o'clock on Cheyenne Drive.Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office soon after arrested Enrique Quintanilla after he admitted to shooting his brother Jesus Rico in the upper left hip twice.Quintanilla was arraigned on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon Tuesday afternoon.

While neighbors did not want to go on camera, one young man who lives across the street shared what he saw.

"I came out and saw a few guys fighting. They say they were brothers and that one had stolen an ac unit form his mom and were fighting over who was going to get it, the young man said.

The young man said the mother of the two brothers moved into a nearby home about two weeks ago.

One neighbor said she heard six gunshots but another said he just heard one.

"I heard a gunshot and the other guy took off and ran to the back, the young man said.

Rico was taken to the hospital where he remains in stable condition.

While neighbors are glad the man wasn't killed they were most concerned about the children playing outside.

"It kind of worries me that there TMs kids here running around. We don't want them to get hurt or anything," the young man said.

While Quintanilla confessed to the shooting, he refuses to say where he put the gun.

Investigators believe it may be a .22 caliber chrome revolver.

Quintanilla is on a $150,000 bond.