Mexican army arrests eight 'Zetas' in San Luis Potosi


Two administrative assistants for the Zetas drug cartel are among eight suspects arrested by the Mexican army south of the border in San Luis Potosi.

Mexico TMs Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the arrests took place over the weekend.

SEDENA officials released names and photographs on Wednesday.

The arrests were part of a seizure where soldiers seized 181.21 pounds of cocaine from a hidden compartment of an 18-wheeler.

Soldiers also seized:

3 Handguns $2,287,450 pesos $115,239 dollars Computers Communications Equipment 8 Vehicles

Officials with Mexico TMs Attorney General TMs Office identified seven of the suspects as:

Javier Robledo-Hernndez (aka El Compu) Julio Alfredo Cevallos-Alonso Israel Santana-Galvn (aka El Coto) Luis Manuel Ramos-Crdenas (aka El Luisito) Felipe Ramos-Crdenas (aka Conta o Tuzo) Esteban Corts-Mascorro Adn Vzquez-Martnez (aka El Botija)

The identity of the eighth suspect was not immediately available but SEDENA officials reported that Ramos-Cardenas is believed to be an administrative assistant and accountant for the Zetas cartel in the area.

Robledo-Hernandez is believed to be the assistant for Zetas Lt. Jesus Enrique Rejon-Aguilar.

SEDENA officials reported that the men allegedly told officials that a man named Jesus Campos-Mar (aka El Cacharro) was in charge of drug trafficking and kidnapping activities in the area.

San Luis Potosi is the capital of a state with the same name. It is about an eight hour drive south of Matamoros.