Mexican army launches public works campaign in Ciudad Mier

Mexico Army photos

Residents of Ciudad Mier had to flee the town due to drug cartel violence a little more than a year ago.

But soldiers with the Mexican army have now launched a public works campaign to help residents and clean up the city.

Soldiers spent this past week giving medical exams to more than 200 residents and vaccines to dozens of children.

The Mexican army reports that soldiers also spent several days cleaning up brush and painting older buildings.

Officials said it TMs all part of the army TMs efforts to give back to the community.

Hundreds of residents from Ciudad Mier fled the town amid intense drug cartel violence back in November 2010.

Many of them stayed with family members in neighboring cities while others had to live in shelters.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon set up a new army outpost was set up in Ciudad Mier last year to bring more security to the area.

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