Mexican authorities identify two suspects in Hartley case

David Hartley File Photo

Mexican authorities have reportedly identified two suspects in the alleged death of missing American man David Hartley.

The El Universal newspaper reported that Tamaulipas State Police in Miguel Aleman have identified the suspects in the case.

Tamaulipas State Police Commander Juan Carlos Ballesteros told El Universal on Saturday that authorities believe that Juan Pedro Saldivar-Farias and Jose Manuel Saldivar-Farias killed Hartley.

Ballesteros told El Universal that Juan Pedro goes by the nickname "El 27" while Jose Manuel goes by the nickname "El 31."

El Universal reported that the two men are accused in numerous crimes in communities south of the border ranging from burning homes, robbing businesses and being involved in several murders.

It's not clear how the men were identified as suspects but El Universal reports that they both men remain at large. Authorities have not released pictures of them.

Hartley's wife Tiffany Hartley claims she and David came under attack while they were on jet skis at the flooded ruins of Guerrero Viejo on Falcon Lake back on Thusday, September 30th.

Tiffany Hartley told investigators that her husband was shot in the back of the head and that she managed to flee back to the United States on her jet ski.

Authorities still haven't found David Hartley's body or his jet ski despite an intense search on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.

Officials report the area is a stronghold for the Zetas drug cartel.

Mexican soldiers reported killing six gunmen during a Thursday afternoon battle in the same area where Hartley's body went missing.

Some officials on both sides of the border expressed doubts about Tiffany Hartley's version of events but her family, David Hartley's family and American law enforcement officials are standing behind her.

The announcment that Mexican authorities have identified suspects comes nine days after Hartley was allegedly killed.

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