Mexican poet brings drug war "Caravan Of Peace" to Valley

A Mexican poet brought his march for peace to the streets of the Rio Grande Valley.

Poet Javier Sicilia lost his son Juan Francisco Sicilia back in March 2011.

The poet's son is among the casualties in Mexico's brutal drug war.

According to some figures, more than 60,000 have lost their lives in the fighting.

Although his own son and six others were gunned down by members of a drug cartel, Sicilia said he doesn't want the same to happen to others.

"I don't want the same thing to happen to another father, another mother," Sicilia said. "We don't want another child to suffer what our children had to suffer."

The poet took to the streets and created the created the "Caravan Of Peace" movement.

Sicilicia has toured Mexico with a message of peace and judicial reform.

That journey has now brought him on a tour of the United States.

On Thursday afternoon, Sicilia attended a rally at the ARISE community center in off South Tower Road in Alamo.

Sicilia said he's bringing his message to the American side of the border.

The poet-turned-activist said a bi-national approach is needed to solve the Mexico's drug war.

Sicilia favors reducing drug addiction through rehabilitation and prevention programs as well as stricter enforcement of money laundering and gun trafficking laws.

The caravan continued to Brownville and spent the night in Harlingen.

A stops are scheduled on Friday in San Antonio followed by one in Austin on Saturday and then in Houston on Sunday.

The tour continues through the American south and up to Chicago before ending in Washington DC on September 12th.