Mexican tourists continue shopping in Valley despite violence in Mexico

Drug cartel violence south of the border has not stopped Mexican nationals from coming shopping in the Rio Grande Valley.

Action 4 News talked to some Mexican Nationals doing holiday shopping in downtown McAllen.

They said they're not about to let the violence on the border keept hem from driving across to shop.

"It's dangerous across the whole border," said Jose Garcia.

With drug cartels battling for control of the border, it's a risk people take to cross.

Historically, Mexican nationals cross the border to shop in the Valley.

And this year, for Adriana Castillo, it's no different. She shops in McAllen every year.

"Christmas is almost here, and I need to get all the Christmas gifts for the family," said Castillo.

She lives in Reynosa, and although she said it's dangerous to cross border lines, she can't help but come here to shop.

"It's cheaper here than over there," she said.

Jose Garcia is from Matamoros but lives in Los Fresnos now.

He still has family in Mexico and said even though they believe it's safer here, it's still a risk for them to cross the border.

"Some family members cross, but others won't dare," he said.

If they do, he said they have to take precautions.

"The border is facing a difficult problem now," said Garcia. "It's really sad what's going on."

But this holiday season, he does expect some family members to cross and spend Christmas here.