Mexico to increase security along its southern border

The president of Mexico announced the country is working with Central American nations to beef up security along its southern border.

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina are now in talks to stem the tide of immigrant children from traveling through Mexico to the U.S.

The two presidents met at Mexico's southern border this week to discuss the crisis.

It's a move U.S. congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX) of Laredo calls a big step.

"The fact that they are talking for the first time is a big plus for all of us," Cuellar said.

Nieto announced Mexico is launching a five point program to improve security along Mexico's southern border with Guatemala. 1) Committing to the proper operation of Mexico's 10 official crossings with Guatemala and two crossings with Belize.2) Improve infrastructure and equipment at the border.3) Expand medical units on the border.4) Work with the United States, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in support of apprehending, repatriating, and discouraging migration.5) Establish intergovernmental coordination to provide care and assistance to migrants.

Cuellar says working with these countries is key to solving the crisis here at home.

"We are putting some resources that I have been fighting for because I am a big believer in the more we can stop it at the 20 yard line instead of the first yard line the better it is, Cuellar said. We got to negotiate with them, we got to talk to them and continue working on this."

Cuellar says it's now time for President Obama to visit his southern border to show support to the charities, local governments and Border Patrol agents working the front lines.

"He ought to boost the morale and tell them they are doing a good job," Cuellar said.

But most of all, Cuellar says the president needs to see the children.

"He's got to look and feel the pain that those young kids are facing as they come over here. He owes us a visit, no if TMs, and TMs, or but TMs about that," Cuellar said.

The Mexican consulate in McAllen was not able to comment Mexico's new border program.

The president of Honduras is organizing an international conference about the unaccompanied minors at the American border.

That meeting is expected to take place in Honduras on Wednesday and Thursday.