Mexico to prosecute U.S. Marine jailed in Tijuana

      Andrew Tahmooressi // Family Photo

      Mexico's Attorney General's Office is defending its decision to prosecute a U.S. Marine veteran who was jailed after he drove into Mexico in April with three guns in his truck.

      The office said in a statement Friday that Andrew Tahmooressi was arrested on weapon charges because he was carrying a pistol, shotgun and rifle and ammunition when he crossed into Tijuana.

      Prosecutors say not knowing Mexican law doesn't exempt Tahmooressi from responsibility.

      They say the 25-year-old was placed in the clinic of a Tijuana prison after he acted aggressively, tried to escape twice and hurt himself physically. He's now being held at a prison in the city of Tecate.

      The office says Tahmooressi's rights have been respected and his lawyers, relatives and a U.S. congressman have visited him multiple times.