Mexico violence affecting travel agencies in Valley

We've got a real problem on the border, admits Jo Liston, the owner of Go with Jo Tours in Harlingen.

It is a problem she has become all too familiar with over the past three decades. "When I started 27 years ago, I started doing Mexico only," she said.

But times are changing for her, and what was once safe passage to Mexico is now under threat by drug cartels.

In the past, Monterrey had long been the most popular getaway for her business.

But this year, places like Disneyland and Las Vegas have taken the top spot from Mexican destinations.

"I've seen a decrease and I can understand their hesitancy," Liston added.

Earlier this year, Go with Jo would send on average three charter buses into Mexico on a daily basis. But ever since the violence escalated, they have gone from three to zero.

But she said she is far from pessimistic.

"In October I sent a bus to an area very near Monterrey, she said. They had not problem and they traveled at night. That was their preference."

In her 27 years, Liston said she has not encountered any problems.

And the violence is not discouraging her from traveling there. Likewise, she said her business will continue offering trips to the area.

"I'm always very careful with my people if I have any questions at all I contact friends that I have in Mexico," she concluded.

She said she is not taking any extra precautions other than what she would normally take on her trips.

She added her schedule is full and that she hopes people sign up.