Mexico violence deterring customers during holiday shopping

Violence just across the border is keeping some business away this Christmas.

Esmeralda Valle owns Glitz and Glamour.

She's been dressing people in the latest fashions for several years now.

She said unfortunately, since the violence in Mexico escaladed, she's seen less people in her store.

The sales have changed a little, said Valle.

80 percent of her clients are from Mexico, but Valle said ever since the violence worsened at the border, not as many clients are coming in.

We depend a lot from the people from our buyers from Mexico, but hopefully the situation will get better soon, said Valle.

Valle said her clients told her they've been stopped at certain checkpoints that aren't real checkpoints, and they get robbed.

So that TMs why they prefer to fly now," said Valle.

Valle said those clients from Mexico that still come over to shop will buy their dresses in bulk, so that they don TMt have to cross as often.

Valle said her customers from this side of the border are still buying as well, but they're being more selective.

They don TMt just come in like before and just say okay, I want to purchase this dress," she said. "They kind of come in and compare prices and see if this is their better choice.

Eduardo Millet, vice president of business development at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce said this is a trend that he's seeing across the city.

They are going to be more selective of what they want to buy and what they are willing to buy maybe a brand that they prefer, said Millet.

And although people are being more selective with their shopping, Millet said people are shopping more than last year and managers expect to have a good season.