Middle school student claims coach pushed him, mom demands apology

Vela Middle School

A Vela Middle School student is claiming that a coach pushed him, knocking him down during a football game. His mother is waiting for an apology. The middle schooler loves sports and said he feels very disappointed with the coach that he used to look up to.

The boys family said the coach could have handled the situation in a different away; without using physical violence.

Cristian Lopez played basketball and football, at the Harlingen middle school.

He's no stranger to competition and competitive sports, but instead of getting ruffed up by middle schoolers at a football game, he claims he was pushed down by a coach.

It all happened when one of his friends was fighting with a student from the opposing team on the field.

Christian said he just stepped in to help stop the fight.

Anna Lopez, Cristian's mother, said they actually went to speak with someone at the school and no action was taken.

She said they were hoping to get an "I TMm sorry" from the coach.

Cristian said he looks up to the coaches and doesn't want to attract attention to the situation, but he feels very disappointed.

Action 4 News did contact Harlingen C.I.S.D. for comment.

They said they're looking into the situation and are preparing a statement.

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