Middle school teacher jailed for sexual misconduct in Edinburg

Harwell Middle School teacher Miguel Condes arrested

An Edinburg middle school teacher is facing criminal charges after being accused of sexual misconduct with a student.

Edinburg police arrested Miguel Condes on the Harwell Middle School campus on Monday morning.

The 25-year-old teacher is charged with sexual assault of a child and improper relationship between a teacher and student.

Condes appeared before an Edinburg Municipal Court Judge Terry Palacios on Monday afternoon where he was issued $400,000 dollars in bonds.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the teacher is accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 14-year-old female student.

Edinburg Police Lt. Oscar Trevio spoke with Action 4 News about the investigation.

Lt. Trevio said police first became aware of the allegations on Friday when the girl's mother came forward.

The mother told police that Condes went out with her 14-yaer-old daughter on Thursday night and learned that they the two had sexual contact with each other.

Court records obtained by Action 4 News show that Condes picked the girl up and drove her to the Monte Cristo Golf Course where the incident happened.

Lt. Trevio said Condes crossed the line breaking the trust between a teacher and student.

"Teachers are in a position of trust," Trevio said. "The students should be able to trust their teachers. There put in their positions to educate our children and prepare their future. They're not put in this position to be abusing her children."

Edinburg CISD officials have launched their own investigation and reported that the teacher has been removed from access to studedents.

Statement from Edinburg CISD

On Monday, March 18, 2013, an employee of Edinburg CISD was charged by the Edinburg Police Department with the offense of having an improper relationship with a student. The District is fully cooperating in the investigation. Edinburg CISD is also conducting its own investigation into this matter. The results of the investigation will be presented to the Edinburg CISD Board of Trustees for appropriate action. It is the policy of Edinburg CISD to not discuss personnel issues while the investigation is ongoing. However, the individual in question has been removed from access to students. It is the policy of Edinburg CISD for employees to be at the highest moral and ethical standards. We will provide additional information, in accordance with district policies, as the facts are developed.

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