Mile 13 North Neglected

Weslaco residents tell Action 4 News they've been waiting for years to get 13-North-Mile Road paved and they are still waiting.

But they have had enough and said voters will elect leaders who will take action to improve precinct one in the upcoming November 2 election.

Drivers that travel north on mile 6 in Weslaco eventually come to the crossroad where mile six meets mile 13.

On one side, there TMs a newly paved road lined by sugarcane fields, but on the other side there TMs a dirt road.

The people who live there are wondering why they didn't get a nice new street.

"We're still waiting for our street to get paved and it's already what Friday? Selina Herrera said. The job on the other side of the road was done on Monday. Why didn TMt they just continue the job? Why does it have to cost the tax payers more money to get the job done?

Herrera said residents there have been waiting for a paved road since Sylvia Handy was their commissioner-- and the situation hasn't changed much even with Interim Commissioner A.C. Cuellar in the seat.

"Buses go through here, ambulances - on occasion I have to call the ambulance for my dad- the dialysis gentleman would pick up my uncle and they still didn't manage to pave the road, Herrera said.

Herrera's anger is fueled by what she claims are rude employees of the commissioner's officer who allegedly give her the run around.

She hopes whoever steps in as commissioner of precinct one come November 2, will be watchful of the employees hired - but more importantly - mindful of the roads their constituents have to drive over every day.

"It's time that we step up and we look closely at who our candidates are and what they are going to do for us, Herrera said. This was an opportunity for (Cuellar) to step up and say ~hey I want to be a commissioner for the people, not a self-serving commissioner, TM and the opportunity passed him by," Herrera said.

Precinct one Interim Commissioner A.C. Cuellar, who is running for the post in the upcoming election, said the west side of mile 13 road has not been paved because there are drainage issues that need to be corrected before the county can invest money in a new road.

He said residents in the area can expect to see work started on that road as soon as January.