Military veteran frustrated after being denied passport

Frustrated and fed up with the State Department Agency in Houston, valley vet Robert Castillo came to us for action after being denied his passport 3 times.

Well I don't feel good about it. I'm as American as anyone. I was American enough to serve in the military but not American enough to get a passport, said the disappointed vet.

Robert says he was born in Edcouch in 1939 and he is a US citizen. The military vet has been on a year long journey to get the travel document so he could go to Mexico for dental work.

After a call from us, now his congressman is getting involved.

Via statement, Ruben Hinojosa's office says the US Passport Office denied Robert a passport because of a lack of documents proving his citizenship.

They say that Mr. Castillo was issued a birth certificate 12 years after his birth, because of this he is required to provide additional proof of American citizenship, like his baptismal certificate

They say since 9/11, requirements are tougher to get a passport.

The congressman's office also said they understand how challenging it can be to collect early public records and they are ready to help Mr. Castillo locate his baptismal document.

Congressman Hinojosa's office said that anyone needing assistance in acquiring their US passport can always contact their local congressman.

They should be able to open up a case, even after being closed.