Millions watch girl fight video from Palmhurst Walmart on Black Friday

Bloody nose from another Walmart fight

Just after 8 pm on Thanksgiving, a Walmart crowd in Palmhurst turns unruly.

Video posted to YouTube shows a scuffle between two female shoppers.

At the center of it all, is a 27 television on sale for $75 as part of Black Friday.

"We had two females that ended up fighting for a TV," Palmhurst Police Chief Michael Vela said.

Police quickly jump in to separate the "Brawl-Mart" shoppers identified only as ages 51 and 19.

The video shows two officers forcibly subdue one of them who's clutching onto the TV.

"It's sad, but not everyone is courteous," Chief Vela said.

The Palmhurst Walmart is no stranger to ho-ho-horrible behavior by some shoppers on Black Friday.

A couple of years ago two teens were arrested for fighting over a $5 video game.

On Twitter, the hashtag #WalmartFights began trending shortly after the Black Friday sales started.

People shared stories of violence and posted photos of injuries including one that showed a guy with a bloody nose.

Another video posted to YouTube shows a man barreling through a screaming crowd for a television like a bull in a china shop.

Police are nowhere to be seen.

It's not the case in Palmhurst.

Chief Vela says 10 officers provided security for Walmart on Black Friday.

He hopes the girl fight video, which had about 2,000,000 hits in less than 24 hours, doesn't give the world the wrong impression.

"I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that Palmhurst is a nice tight-knit community," he said. "I know they had a shooting somewhere else at another retail store and they also had a stabbing at the same time. Fortunately for us it was just a small little fight."

A fight started over a 27" TV.

Neither woman left one; instead they received a citation for disorderly conduct.

Betsy Harden, spokeswoman for Walmart, says the situation at the Palmhurst store was an unfortunate and isolated incident and not reflective of what was seen across the country.

Providing our customers with the best and safest shopping experience is always a top priority, Betsy said. Each of our 4,000+ stores has a site-specific crowd management plan that was developed with nationally recognized experts and contains proven crowd management techniques to a retail setting.

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