Missing 6th Grader Found After Action 4 Report

Julissa Perez

HAPPENING NOW, 11-year-old Julissa Perez has been found in good health.

Harlingen police say they have her in their custody, but have not released information on where she has been since leaving home without permission Monday night.

Authorities say the girl emerged after this story aired tonight at 10.

Valerie Luebanos has had little sleep in the past few days.

"I can't sleep, I'm just sitting here on the couch just waiting for her to text or call anything, I drive around all night."

The single mom's 11 year old daughter Julissa Perez is missing.

"She was insistent on playing with her friends and I said no and I was going to take her phone away so she went to get her phone, I was in another room.

She got upset, we just moved in, we don't have cable or internet so she got upset and left."

Valerie was upstairs and after about 10 minutes realized her daughter had walked out of their apartment on Stone Drive and when she went to look for her, she had disappeared.

That was Monday.

"She's only 11 years old, she's not making her own decisions right now, an adult is there with her."

The mom says the 6th grader hasn't shown up to school, hasn't been to her friends houses and has never done this before.

"None of her friends have heard from her, she could be with a stranger right now and I don't know if she's okay."

Her phone left behind, and Valerie says she searched through it and there is no indication this was a planned runaway.

"Why isn't there an amber alert and they (police) are telling me that I called it in as a runaway so that's how she'll stay classified."

"It doesn't qualify for an Amber Alert since we can't prove she's in immediate danger, but we have several officers working on the case and questioning people plus we are using other options for alerts," said Harlingen Police Sgt. Dave Osborne.

A good student, had a backpack ready for school but recent traumatic events were haunting the little girl who had just started school at Vernon Middle School.

Her mom says that didn't make her a bad child, just changed her a little, but she's still just her baby and only child.

"Just not to be scared to come home, she won't be in trouble, maybe that's what she is scared of, Julissa come home I miss you."

Harlingen police say if anyone knows Julissa's whereabouts they should contact police immediately to reunite her with her mother.

In the meantime, authorities have issued a "Child Is Missing" Alert which is a reverse 911 call back that alerts residents through their phones.

Julissa is about 4'9 and was last seen wearing black clothing with Marvel comics sneakers.