Missing elderly couple found at Boca Chica Beach

Louis and Hortencia Kautz

An elderly couple bit off more than they could chew while out sight-seeing.

They ended up driving their car too close to the water.

82 year old Hortencia Kautz and her husband 85 year old Luis Kautz were found at Boca Chica Beach Tuesday morning.

Their car ended up stuck in the wet sand and quickly surrounded by water.

Both of them were stranded overnight.

"(Q): How are you feeling?

(A): Ok, thanks to God," said Hortencia Kautz.

Family members reported the couple missing Monday.

"We started worrying barely today. It has been over 24 hours," said the woman's son Armando Alaniz.

Border Patrol Agents spotted the woman Tuesday morning, along with the car, where the Rio Grande empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

La Feria Police Chief Don Garcia rushed to the scene using four-wheel-drive to reach her.

"Her husband just drove and finally fell on the side and he left her to go get some help," said Garcia.

The beach looked lonely Tuesday morning but the elderly couple said they weren't alone.

They believe a higher power was watching over them while they were literally stuck in the water.

"Well God, he's the only one takes care of me," said Hortencia.

Her husband was found walking down Highway 4 about one mile from the beach.

Family members said this isn't the first time they have gone missing but admit there is more they can do to keep them safe.

"We're gonna push hard now to have them live with us," said Alaniz.

The chief advises caregivers to be more vigilant and check in on the elderly often.

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