Missing elderly woman found yards from home

Mission police acted fast after hearing 70-year-old Obdulia Garcia went missing.

Loved ones were thankful Garcia was found alive just yards from her home.

She was right there across the street behind that house right here, we were lucky," daughter Missy Arteaga said.

Arteaga says Garcia went missing this morning around 8:30 a.m.

"This morning she overheard my 2 brothers having a little discussion and she got upset and got in a little scuffle and just walked out the door," she said.

Family members couldn TMt find her so they called police.

"When we first got the call we initially did deploy officers out to the area. We started checking businesses and houses but a few minutes after that we deployed two K-9s that track," Corporal Manuel Casas, Mission Police Department said.

K-9s tracked Garcia TMs scent for 6 blocks but then it went cold.

Family members were worried - Garcia has high blood pressure and is in the early stages of Alzheimer TMs.

They watched knowing other missing elderly persons went missing, one recently found dead, another still missing.

Authorities combed the area with no leads.

"She limps a lot, she could have fallen and hit her head and you know? Arteaga said. It TMs going to be getting darker soon and we might get some rain so that TMs my concern."

As a Border Patrol agent stood across the street, a woman waved him down.

After being in the heat for more than 5 hours, family members quickly gave Garcia water and her medication.

"We were glad to see her, she was way back there in the back but thank God we found her," Arteaga said.

Moving forward, her family plans to take extra precautions to make sure Garcia doesn TMt go missing again.

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