Missing grandma fought off coyotes, tarantulas before being rescued

Tom Logan was all smiles Friday, but that had not been the case the previous days.

His mother, 81-year-old Cayetana Hernandez went missing Wednesday afternoon, without a trace.

Logan said the ordeal began with a simple wrong turn on FM 511.

"(She usually takes it) west but she took it southeast, to the endpoint of the Southmost (Road) area, by the Valley Escondido area," Logan said.

Hernandez claims that when she realized she was lost and without a cell phone to call for help, she got off her car and started walking along the road, only taking her purse and a few groceries she had just purchased.

"She started walking out to the levee, at that point she decided my sister was going to pick her up, and she went under a mesquite tree and waited," Logan said.

However, with no way to track her, help didn't come.

The woman spent two nights outdoors under the tree and fought off anything that came near her and her food.

"(She survived by) fighting some tarantulas, fighting mice that were trying to steal (the) little bread that she had with her, coyotes - you name it - all kinds of wildlife out there, he said.

Logan and the rest of his family have plenty of reason to celebrate, and will take extra steps to ensure this never happens again.

"She's one tough lady, I can tell you that," Logan said.