Missing Harlingen man's body found 80 miles away in Riviera

It's an outcome Albert Garcia was dreading. After a month and a half of looking for his missing brother, David Mark Garcia, that search is now over. "It's a horrible experience to go through," said Albert. Albert received a phone call from Kleberg County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday night, saying that his brother was found dead. David, who was 52 years old, suffered from epileptic seizures and needed medication daily. Albert says he wasn't sure why his brother left his Harlingen home that day, but he does know that his brother didn't have the capability of thinking ahead. "He didn't plan that much in advance, said Albert. It was a bad situation that became worse very quickly." David was last seen getting off a bus at a Riviera gas station, 80 miles from his Harlingen home. The body was spotted by a motorist who went to pick up his stalled vehicle on the side of Highway 77, only three tenths of a mile away from the Stripes he was seen at last month. When deputies recovered the body, they noticed he wearing the same clothes as seen in surveillance video. David also had a device embedded in his chest to monitor his epileptic seizures. And the serial number on that device was a match. "It wasn't the news I wanted to hear, said Albert. But I do know that God answers prayers whether we like the outcome or not." Despite the tragedy, Albert says he is grateful that there is some closure, and thanks God for the chance to find his brother, and put him to rest. "I will always thank Him, said a tearful Albert. Whether or not my brother came back standing or lying down, I will always thank Him."