Missing Man Might Be In Brownsville

The search for Ricardo Zamora has now shifted to Brownsville.

This comes after the cab driver told Harlingen Police that the Yellow Taxi TMs log book was wrong and he didn TMt drop Zamora off near Lincoln and Frontage Rd. in Harlingen.

The cab driver clarified he picked up the 42-year-old man from the Valley Baptist Medical Center and dropped him off in the H.E.B on Paredes Line Road in Brownsville.

Sergeant Osborne from the Cameron County P.D. says their attention is now in Brownsville.

"We'll be speaking with employees there, trying to get surveillance video from that area to see if there may have been someone that may have contacted him and picked him up, Sgt. Osborne says. Of course if there's anything in that video that may lead to acquaintances, to friends or relatives; we will of course go back to the family members and see if they can recall who this may have been."

This is not the first time a patient from the Behavior Health Center has been sent home in a cab.

According to Sgt. Osborne this is common.

Patients can be sent in a cab if they are released under the proper medication and doctors belief they will be safe.

Zamora TMs family was notified that he was put in a cab and would arrive home Wednesday afternoon but never did.

Zamora had been released almost a week ago from Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville after a month long stay.

He was being treated there for a number of mental illnesses.

Action 4 News spoke with Zamora TMs mother, she says that he suffers from a bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Both the Yellow Taxi Cab Company and the hospital are working with police to find out what exactly went wrong.

If you happen to see Zamora in either Harlingen or Brownsville contact the police immediately.