Missing man survived over 20 hours in an irrigation pipe

A viewer steps in to help locate a missing man featured on Action 4 News Sunrise.

It turned out being former Hidalgo County Commissioner Leonardo Camarillo.

"I was praising the Lord," said Camarillo's daughter Norma Castillo. "I thank God that we found him."

Norma Castillo said she couldn't sleep because she was worried about her 75-year-old father.

"We didn't know where he was and didn't know where to look," she said.

Former Hidalgo County Commissioner Leonardo Camarillo went missing around 11 a.m. Thursday while he was out on the property he farms killing weeds, but hours past, and Leonardo never came home.

"We called the Sheriff's office and we filed a missing person's report," said another daughter Sylvia Gomez.

When Camarillo was killing weeds, he fell down 7 feet into an irrigation pipe.

He had his cell phone in his pocket and it fell into the water when he fell inside leaving him with no way to communicate with his family.

Camarillo told his family that he couldn't see the irrigation hole because it was covered by grass.

Castillo said she couldn't sleep that night and admits the worst crossed her mind.

"You never know when it's the last time that you'll see your parents," said Castillo.

But luckily Camarillo survived the cold night.

"He said he shivered all night long he would exercise his arms throughout the night," said Gomez. "And in the morning, this gentleman came to the door and said that he had seen the broadcast on TV and he found him."

"It is a miracle because I know that God was with him because it could have been worse," said Castillo.

Camarillo is diabetic, and without food or water for over 20 hours, he was weak and dehydrated.

"He was alive, and I could tell that he was weak but still strong at the same time," said Castillo.

Camarillo's wife said she was relieved to see him alive.

"I couldn't see myself living there all by myself in that house without him," said Diana Camarillo.

And now that she knows he's safe and sound, she doesn't have to.

Camarillo suffered a back injury from the fall and is in the hospital recovering, but his family said it could have been worse, and they are thankful to be reunited with him again.